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Valentines cards have been banned in a primary school in Weston Super Mare this year.  This decision has apparently been taken in order to spare children from the ‘emotional trauma’ of rejection at this tender age.

I read this with disbelief; surely this is a bonkers decision?   At this age they are just role playing relationships, giving Valentines cards to their friends is just an extension of this.  My 6 year old daughter has been convinced for months that she is going to marry her best boyfriend (i.e. friend who is a boy)  when they are older.  He is going to be a farmer, and she is going to be a zoo keeper – it’s clearly a match made in heaven.  

She made him a Valentines card this morning, hastily constructed over breakfast.  I’m still surrounded by glue, glitter and left over paper hearts as I type.  I doubt she will get one back from him, he’s not really the type to think of it, but I’m sure we will manage to support her through the trauma. 

When did these things stop being fun and start being taken so seriously?  Lighten up people!


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Spread the love

Today’s report on health inequalities makes depressing reading for those who care about how we bring up our children. Author of the report Sir Michael Marmot says:

“Every child needs to be nurtured at an early stage. In one study, mothers were asked whether it was important to cuddle and talk to a child. I would have thought every mother would have said yes to that – but not all of them did.  That made my hair stand on end. And it follows the social gradient – women from less well-off families are less likely to see this as important. But then by the age of three, these children had more behavioural problems and worse cognitive skills. Then they have less readiness to learn, and the problems continue.”

This makes me weep as I look round at my children who still demand their daily quota of cuddles. No doubt some will use this simply to condemn those parents but I suspect it’s a bit more complicated than that and their own upbringings were similarly lacking.

But never mind, David Cameron is coming to roll back the state and cut public services. Personally I think we need more interventions like Sure Start, not less. Not only could I not bear to deny my own babies cuddles and conversation; but, like an old hippy, I want to spread the love.  Somehow I don’t see the free market doing this. As a state, as a society, we need to find ways to intervene to improve those children’s life chances before the cycle repeats itself. Not only do I want my children to grow up well-nurtured, I want them to grow up in a society where all their peers are too.

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Utter drivel

How can a woman be paid for such utter drivel as this? I think the majority of us who are non-professional writers are able to produce better-reasoned, more articulate and interesting reads than this.

I read about the Turkish girl, it made me want to cry.

I saw the headline about Emma Watson – and thought ‘so what?’

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