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Sex and Nuns

There is outcry about an amendment to an education bill allowing faith schools to deliver sex and relationships education in a manner that reflects the school’s religious traditions and values. Even with these limitations. I expect sex education has moved on somewhat since I was at my Catholic Secondary school where the nuns tore the pages about contraception out of the biology books and the only instruction given was ‘Don’t do it before you are wed less you burn in Hell’. Fast forward some years to Catholic Marriage class where all but one of the couples were living together, the dire warnings about eternal fiery damnation duly ignored. One couple even brought their offspring, maybe the pages of their textbooks had been similarly defaced?

Although Catholic schools may be somewhat naïve if they believe the majority of their pupils will adhere to these rules and regulations (or maybe we were just a debauched lot?) I don’t personally have a problem with religious schools teaching about sex and relationships according to their own beliefs. Although I may not necessarily agree with their viewpoint I accept that if I was a parent sending my children to be educated in the faith of my choice I would expect that to extend to all aspects of religious belief. Nevertheless these schools have a duty to educate their pupils about basic biology, equality and the relevant facts about relationships and contraception even if it is set within the framework of their own religious belief. Young people need to be suitably equipped for adult life where they can make their own lifestyle and religions choices. Ignorance and prejudice should not be on the school curriculum


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Did you know this week is Contraceptive Awareness Week?

“If you are over 35, ovulating, having regular periods, unprotected sex and you know you or your partner is not clinically infertile, every month there’s a chance you’ll get pregnant.”

A salutory tale currently being told by the Family Planning Association in it’s campaign Conceivable.

Apparently the number of unplanned pregnancies and abortions is on the rise in the over forties age group. And this is felt to be due to an ignorance in this age group about fertility.

I’m not an ignorant one – I know a heck of a lot about infertility, having been treated for it and had two children whilst in my 30’s using the then most sophisticated form of IVF. I’m the type to have researched very thoroughly before taking a course of action.

So how come exactly 2 years ago I found myself having a myriad of blood tests via my GP and was on my knees with something that just would not go away? I mentioned my period had disappeared and this was enough for a good look at the possibility of early menopause. I was pleased really – like many women, getting rid of this monthly curse would be bloody great quite honestly. Except my friend burst my bubble back at home after the doctors appointment by saying: have you actually done a test? No – not with my history (she knew it) and having had unprotected sex for 12 years and not one pg as a result!

You know where this is going. The conclusion to this is sitting right next to me now with a sniffly cold – we’re playing Russian roulette with the keys! He’s gorgeous, my little gift for my 42nd birthday. But he has turned my world upside down. None moreso than the first trimester of his pg. I felt I was losing my mind. I can see how the abortion rate in these circumstances is so high!

I applaud this campaign actually. I spent my teenage and university years terrified of an unplanned pg. My twenties grappling with gyny problems that were a blight on my life. My thirties on a roller coaster of treatment whilst struggling to keep some perspective. I didn’t expect to have slipped right back to the beginning again in my forties. But I should have. And so should you.

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