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Baby Brain

I couldn’t resist writing about this: the claim – – being pregnant doesn’t turn you into a forgetful loon!

Not many mums will agree with that – we all remember the fuzzy headed feeling of pregnancy, the lack of ability to remember anything. It seems to last for years for some of us! And the science seemed to support it – there is lots of research that does suggest cognitive changes happen during pregnancy. Wanting to know more, I have the good fortune to have access to the original article, which is hidden behind a paywall.

What is it then, that we are able to do despite the growing bump, according to this study? We can count backwards in threes. We can remember lists of 16 words. Even after a delay. We can substitute numbers for symbols really quickly.

These are standard psychological tests of memory and processing speed, but do they really have anything to do with what we do? And the difficulties we find when we’re pregnant? The authors acknowledge these problems – but of course the media reporting doesn’t mention it. The authors suggest that maybe there aren’t problems in memory per se – but perhaps problems are due to attention. That growing bump becomes more important, and paying the Sky bill gets forgotten not because your memory is shot, but because you don’t pay attention to it.

Now what was I saying??


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