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Sex and politics

In a world where ‘temptress’ is an acceptable name for some childrens shoes, it might not seem surprising that children are on the pill at age 11. It is easy to glibly condemn the sexualisation of children, without understanding the myriad reasons that the pill may actually be prescribed, including PCOS, acne, and painful periods. But thats not such an interesting story of course.

On a related note, the Tories have decided that while its acceptable to force people to clean toilets in strip clubs, its not acceptable to advertise the better paid, “performance” jobs in job centres. The government said this was to prevent jobseekers feeling they had to accept jobs they felt uncomfortable with. I suspect though, many people would also be uncomfortable cleaning toilets! Its a strange moral standard that is being used, based on Victorian morality. I’m sure there are more pressing things the government should be concerning itself with.


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